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Zachary Zemby


Sergio “Zachary”, is the name he uses for business, “Zach”, he uses with friends, “Zacky”, is what close friends use, that see him as a grown-up kid, but to his three children — he’s simply known as “Dad.” He has always dreamed of being in publishing.

Zach’s professional career has been in logistics and software engineering, with long-time memories where he "dabbled" in his old Venice Beach, California photography studio that he wishes he still had. Zach has also served as a PTA officer and a yearbook committee chairperson when his kids were in elementary school — his first dabs at publishing, as a "dad."

Zach met Sergio when their oldest children were in kindergarten. Zach came to the classroom one day and saw Sergio reading his books to a class of over twenty 5-year olds. He saw how entranced they were with the story, and Sergio’s reading, and once Sergio was finished, Zach introduced himself to Sergio and brought forth the idea of creating a publishing company. The rest, they say, is history.

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